Are you grown up or feeling elderly? Height and weight posture

Now a days it is common that younger people realize that they are old in the age of 30,
they feel they are becoming shorter in there size . It is about those walking around in
there life very good with same posture from there birth till there age there nothing
changed in there posture. The posture they had from 20 year to 30 year even from 70 year
to 80 year are same . In these conditions there is a gap grown in backbone discs that
might be size of 1 inch to 2 to 3 inches or worst cases it cause lower body paralysis.
They also lose there weight in such conditions they feel internally weak. However it
indicates declining in posture. The aligned posture has two rules .First rule is that
your posture is bad . you lost your ability to move side to side. Second rule is your
body height gets shorter and you lose you weight to due to excessive sitting. If you
have an half inch gap in 20 year, it seems you are in good posture .


Youth is posture. Many people stand up straight move easily without any pain in
movement they works efficiently, useful capacity of lungs. They are capable of
greater movements and flexibility, and they got lesser joint problems.Because they
have trained from a good posture training center . There are many Posture training
centers. But if you live in Jacksonville or near Jacksonville come and learn about
your posture alignment in Jacksonville fitness training.

As an posture trainer i observed some elderly peoples they still have energy in there
body. They give proper rest to there body like if you are sitting on chair and reading
bend over on chair try to take a deep breath its easy isn`t it? Now stand up straight
and sit down do it again. Or try start walking in the room. This posture training will
help you in pain relief. But many elderly feels tired, from the part of unaligned posture
they use since they are born. As an posture trainer in Jacksonville I give you further
evidence on this issue, with athletes or sportsmen Do you think there is any difference
between you and them? No it`s not Its just there training, diet,food and perfect aligned
posture. They have trained perfectly in there posture from posture training center.

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