How does one prepare for DEXA Total Body Composition Test?
The DEXA Total Body Composition Test is painless, hassle-free and concise, but there are some steps you should take to prepare to glean the most accurate result. Here are some pointers to follow prior to your visit.
Patients should wear clothing with no metal, no zippers, no wired bras and all jewellery should be removed (Any metal inside the body that can’t be removed will be consistent from one scan to the next and will be added to the amount of bone)
Prior to your procedure, do not eat a heavy meal or exercise vigorously
We can scan the DEXA data to a USB if you provide one
Follow-Up Studies:  Keep a similar routine 24hrs prior to your baseline test i.e. eat, exercise, hydrate at the same time to enhance precision
Follow-Up Scan is recommended in 3 months time to monitor the effectiveness of one’s program i.e. diet/exercise